Five Indications Conveying That Your Child Requires Dental Braces

5 Signs Your Child Needs To Visit An Orthodontist

Teeth issues in children are one of the most common causes of concern for parents. There are a lot of symptoms that your kid needs braces early in life. It may be difficult for parents to figure out what those indications really are if they don't know what to look for.

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Can Children Get Braces On Baby Teeth?

Braces For Childrens On Baby Teeth

Some children need braces at a young age no matter what the reason. Metal braces were the ‘happening braces’ before Invisalign came into the picture. Having said that, even today some do get metal braces and orthodontists do advise it.

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Three Innovative Ways To Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

3 Ways to Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day | Dentist Monrovia

With Tooth fairy day coming up on February 28 and August 22, it's time to make the kids celebrate this occasion to make them realize the requirement for dental hygiene.

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The Appropriate Age for Kids To Consult an Orthodontist

Right Age for Kids To Consult an Orthodontist | Monrovia

A very common discussion topic amongst the parents is when should my kids consult an orthodontist? The optimum time for orthodontic treatments depends on a variety of factors.

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5 Reasons To See a Dentist Before Christmas

5 Reasons To See a Dentist Before Christmas

The holidays are around the corner and this calls for better care and attention for our dental health. You need to visit your dentist before you get into the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

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What Is the Best Age To Get Braces for a Child?

Best Age to Fix Braces for Your Kids | Dentistry Monrovia

The smile of a child defines its appearance. A kid's smile with crooked teeth is not very appealing for the onlookers. Misaligned teeth can play a pivotal role in bringing down your child's self-confidence. They can make the child feel nervous and conscious about itself. Crooked teeth significantly affect the appearance of a person.

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At What Age Your Child Should Visit an Orthodontist and Dentist

When Your Kid Should Visit Orthodontist & Dentist

Despite taking good care of teeth, kids may show signs of teeth misalignment. Their teeth may be crooked, protruding, or may have underbite or overbite problems. If the problem starts manifesting at an early age, it is imperative to take the kid to a dentist and see if any preventive treatment is required.

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How to Pick Out the Finest Dentist Near You in Monrovia?

4 Things to Consider to Choose a Dentist Near Me | Monrovia

Choosing a dentist can get highly stressful and overwhelming. If you are looking for a dentist, you can either Google "dentist near me Monrovia" or just visit Arcadia Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics.

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Five Indications That You Must Visit an Orthodontist to Ensure Your Child's Oral Health

5 Signs to Visit Orthodontist & Dentist Near You | Monrovia

It is quite a well-known fact that most parents usually consider taking their child to a pediatric dentist in Monrovia. Majority of the parents have many queries and are still perplexed about taking their kids to an orthodontist.

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Things to Consider Before Picking Out the Finest Dentist Near You for Children's

4 Tips to Consider While Taking Dentist Near You | Monrovia

Kids' dental concerns are as alarming as adults' and need to be taken care of immediately to ensure good oral health. One of the recurring issues witnessed in kids is tooth decay.

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Why Must You Hand-Pick A Pediatric Dentist To Maintain Your Child's Dental Health?

Why Choose a Local Pediatric Dentist Near You? | Monrovia CA

Pediatric dentists are dental professionals specialized in oral health for children. Your child will develop his or her baby teeth at around eight months, then at around six years, the first set of teeth will fall out and will ultimately be replaced by permanent teeth.

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Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Orthodontic Treatment for Children | Orthodontist Monrovia

Visiting an orthodontist in Monrovia is essential if you want to maintain your kid's dental health. An orthodontist can help your kid diagnose and treat orthodontic problems such as teeth straightening with orthodontic braces.

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Family Dentists or Pediatric Dentists - Which Is The Ideal Choice For Your Child?

Family Dentist Vs. Pediatric Dentist: Which One is Best For Your Child? | Monrovia CA

One major indecision all parents go through, when it's time for their child to start dental routines is, whether they should consult a family dentist or a pediatric dentist?

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Is It an Intelligent Option to Visit the Dentist With Your Child During COVID-19?

Option to Visit Pediatric Dentist During COVID-19 | Monrovia

There is a constant surge in Covid-19 cases as the coronavirus is spreading rapidly. You're now probably wondering if it is out of harm's way to visit the dentist with your child?

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A Guide To Choose Your Local Dentist

A Guide To Choose Your Local Dentist

If you're looking for a dentist in Monrovia or any other local dentist near you for keeping your oral health intact and maintaining your precious smile forever, this blog can address all your questions and doubts.

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Is Your Oral Health bothering you? - Better call your DENTIST!

Is Your Oral Health bothering you? - Better call your DENTIST!

You don't knock your dentist's door to solve only teeth and jaw issues, but you need to knock on their doors once in six months to keep a check on your oral health as it is very vital for a healthy lifestyle.

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Teeth Straightening with Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontics Braces

Orthodontic treatments are carried mainly to diagnose the early nature of teeth grow and to provide the proper solutions with the help of suitable braces. The early use of braces can avoid the malocclusions, crooked teeth, and jawbone issues in children. An orthodontist will perform this early diagnosis test as they are specially trained in the orthodontic industry which mainly deals with correcting an improper bite, crooked teeth or irregular teeth.

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What are the orthodontics treatment procedures involved in children?

child orthodontics Monrovia

The orthodontics treatment involved in children is known as Interceptive Orthodontics. The main reason behind the early orthodontics treatment in children is that the jaw stem is in growth stage so that a dentist can easily diagnose the condition of the teeth such as crowding and treating it in the early stage is easier.

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Orthodontic Treatment for Children

orthodontics treatment for children Monrovia

Orthodontists are the specialists in dentistry field who mainly focus on correcting the disordered teeth or crossbites. Orthodontic treatments in kids/teens are commonly known as Phase 1 or Interceptive Orthodontics. According to the American Association of Orthodontics recommendations, parents should meet thier kids to an orthodontist by the age of 7 years. In these days a lot of orthodontic treatment options available such as retainers, aligners, different types of braces, Invisalign etc.

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