The Appropriate Age for Kids To Consult an Orthodontist

Right Age for Kids To Consult an Orthodontist | Monrovia

A very common discussion topic amongst the parents is when should my kids consult an orthodontist? The optimum time for orthodontic treatments depends on a variety of factors. The majority in the population connect orthodontics with teenagers. In our previous blog, we have explained the perfect age to visit an orthodontist in Monrovia to get braces for your child. So, when should you take your children to see an orthodontist? Read on to discover the correct information.

Roughly around the age of seven, a parent should take their child to see an orthodontist. The best clinic that offers orthodontics and dentistry Monrovia is Arcadia Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics.

What Happens During Your Child’s Visit to an Orthodontist in Monrovia:

An orthodontist or a pediatric dentist in Monrovia will thoroughly check your child's teeth. The orthodontic practitioner will ask questions during the initial appointment to identify whether your child has any dental concerns or not. This includes questions about any difficulties in biting or chewing. X-rays will be taken by your orthodontist to see how the teeth are positioned and whether the permanent teeth need to erupt. A mold of the top and bottom teeth may also be made. Arcadia Pediatric Dental Practice & Orthodontics is one of the best places in Monrovia to consult your kid.

Importance of Seeing an Orthodontist in Monrovia:

A checkup should not be postponed until a problem has arisen. When issues are discovered early, they are usually easier to fix or cope with. An orthodontic examination improves a child's chances of having a straight, healthy grin as it grows. Therefore, it is essential for parents to take their child to an orthodontist in Monrovia by the age of seven.

What Is the Best Time for My Child To See an Orthodontist?

If your child is displaying indications of orthodontic difficulties, contact the orthodontist immediately. However, there is no such thing as an early consultation. Orthodontists treat teeth that are crowded, finger sucking or thumb sucking, biting or chewing difficulties, breathing via the mouth regularly, and jaws that protrude or appear to be receded.

The Benefits of Early Orthodontist Visit in Monrovia:

Jawbones do not harden until the child reaches adolescence. Orthodontic procedures, including braces, are easier and sometimes faster for youngsters than for adults since their bones are still pliable. The sooner you set up your child's first orthodontist appointment, the more likely that their oral health will improve faster.


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