Five Amazing Tips For Children's Dental Health Month

5 Amazing Tips For Children's Dental Health Month | Monrovia

As a normal practice, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month which happens in February. In a previous blog post, we discussed why you must hand-pick a pediatric dentist to maintain your child's dental health. However, in this blog post, we will understand five amazing tips for Children's Dental Health Month.

The main motive of Children's Dental Health Month is to bring awareness to good oral care and the importance of starting dental care at an early age

The association is taking an important step by spreading oral health messages and bringing together a team of dentists, including a children's dentist and orthodontist in Monrovia, as well as doctors, to educate parents and kids on the advantages of maintaining good oral health.

A great start to good oral health is to encourage your kids to follow good dental practices and take them to a pediatric dentist in Monrovia regularly.

Here Are Some Dental Facts That Every Parent Needs to Know:

  • Fact: 1: The Academy of General Dentistry estimates that dental-related ailments cause more than 51 million missed school hours annually.

  • Fact: 2: Children from 2 years to 5 years and 12 years to 15 years are most affected by tooth decay.

  • Fact: 3: Children from low-income homes are the most prone to tooth decay. 50% of them do not get treated and live with it.

  • Fact: 4: Compared to asthma and hay fever, childhood tooth decay is five times as common.

  • Fact: 5: Also, one more important issue parents need to know is that gum disease is contagious. Sharing the same spoon with your child can pass on the bacteria from your saliva to theirs.

5 Tips for Parents During Children's Dental Health Month:

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, developing good oral hygiene practices at a young age is the most crucial preventive measure against childhood periodontal disease.

Here are some fundamental preventive measures to promote our kids' continued oral health:

Brushing Teeth:

With our children, we should brush for two minutes, twice each day. Demonstrate how to brush in between teeth.


It's critical to begin flossing when a child's tooth gap closes.

Good Eating Habits:

Eat healthily and limit unhealthy snacks and drinks between meals.

Talk to Your Dentist:

Ask the dentist about fluoride and sealants at your family's routine dental visits.

Start Early:

Early on, instill appropriate dental hygiene practices. The right age to start brushing your child’s teeth is when he/she is 12 months old.

Be a good example by maintaining a healthy dental routine.

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