Teeth Straightening with Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontist in Monrovia | Orthodontics Braces to Prevent Crooked Teeth

Orthodontic treatments are carried mainly to diagnose the early nature of teeth grow and to provide the proper solutions with the help of suitable braces. The early use of braces can avoid the malocclusions, crooked teeth, and jawbone issues in children. An orthodontist will perform this early diagnosis test as they are specially trained in the orthodontic industry which mainly deals with correcting an improper bite, crooked teeth or irregular teeth.

Why do irregular teeth grow?

Kids often have the bad habits of thumb sucking which will result in improper growth of teeth. Since the baby teeth are very soft they move in a different direction slightly while they are erupting because of thumb sucking. Our orthodontic expert Dr. Eddie So, also say that irregular teeth erupt due to tongue thrusting, heredity, and environmental effect.

How Dental Braces Correct Crowded Teeth?

There are different types of braces available such as 'metal braces', 'ceramic braces', 'aligners', etc.

Metal braces are widely accepted and effective in results, it consists of the archwire, brackets, bands, and rubber bands. The function of an archwire is to connect the brackets pointed on every single tooth and bracket holds the rubber bands that are attached on the surface of a tooth. An orthodontist will fix metal braces with required amount pressure to bring teeth in exact position.

The ceramic braces are also work in the same manner as metal braces do and most of the adults prefer ceramic due to transparent effect.

Aligners are also an orthodontic device used in holding the teeth position after the orthodontic treatments. Clear aligners are transparent in color and easy to remove as and when required. You can also get custom made Invisalign clear aligners for your teeth at our dental office 'Arcadia Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics'.

Maintenance of Dental Braces:

If you are wearing a removal braces then it will be easy to maintain them by cleaning it with warm water or brushing with a soft bristled brush. In the case of fixed braces, you should take extra care to your teeth as well as braces simultaneously. An orthodontist will give you proper suggestions after the treatment on how to look after your braces. The common way of caring your fixed metal brace includes cleaning after the meals, brushing with soft-bristled brushes, avoiding the smoke and tobacco, and most important thing is to avoid cutting hard particle with teeth and opening a soda bottle cap. Apart from these caring techniques, you should see an orthodontist in a timely manner until the braces are taken off.

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