4 Types Of Orthodontic Treatments For Your Child

4 Orthodontics Treatment for Kids

When it comes to taking care of their child's oral hygiene, parents leave no stone unturned. Kids growing up with misformed jaws and crooked teeth can have a poor self-esteem. People often google about the "Orthodontist Monrovia" that offers the best dental care to obtain a pair of healthy and white teeth. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 signs your child needs to visit an orthodontist in Monrovia. However, the reasonable prices along with the best hand-picked medical devices offer the patients the best of both the worlds.

4 Orthodontics Treatment by Our Orthodontist in Monrovia:

  1. Braces:

    There are several types of braces that are available with the dentists. These are made of metallic wires and are put on the surface of the teeth. Some are even put behind them and are not noticeable. Often, children do not buy the idea of putting braces on themselves. They dread the pain, discomfort and the fact that they might be subject to mockery. However, there are professional dental surgeons at shot-free who operate the patients following all the protocols and talk a blue streak with the kids to distract them. When the children interact with the doctors, they forget that they are being treated and start enjoying the process.

  2. Retainers:

    These are custom-made devices worn in the mouth which straighten the teeth and move them to the right spot. Fixed and removable retainers help to align the teeth and keep all the deformities at bay. Oral health improves by leaps and bounds.

  3. Teeth Removal:

    In some bizarre cases, the dental surgeons have to remove the teeth of the children. This provides them respite from the excruciating pain of living with infected teeth that might be prone to cavities.

    When our dentist near you in Monrovia removes the teeth using anesthesia, children feel better. They are instructed by the dentists to drink their favorite juices, liquids and gorge on delectable dishes.

  4. Invisalign:

    There are some teenagers who usually prefer invisalign aligners. These are invisible layers of teeth-shaped, made from porcelain or resin. Moreover, these provide support to the teeth to remain intact and help straighten them.

    These do not encapsulate the use of metallic braces that are uncomfortable to wear and make a person conscious of his/her appearance.

Summing it up, kids are taken to dentists to get their teeth done. But they are scared and overwhelmed with the medical equipment and dental devices showcased in the clinic. However, the experience of visiting pediatric clinics and interacting with the dentists makes them feel comfortable.


To avail the best dental care by orthodontist in Monrovia for kids, visit Arcadia Pediatric Dental Practice & Orthodontics. These highly qualified dental professionals know their job extremely well and make the patients feel at ease. Through their dentistry skills, they treat the kids and keep them engaged so that they are distracted and do not wallow in pain. If you want to schedule an appointment by calling us at 626-445-6666 and book a consultation with the dentists for your kids.

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