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Our teeth, gums, and jawbone are designed to function harmoniously. The chewing efficiency is high when teeth are in the right positions. When the teeth are crowded or when the bite is improper, the teeth and gums are at higher risk of infection. Orthodontics is the branch of dental medicine and an orthodontist is a specialist in orthodontic treatments which is dedicated to the study of the position of teeth, the bite, and how it can affect oral health. Orthodontists are concerned about moving teeth or performing surgeries to improve the bite.

What is Orthodontics?

Ortho is a Greek word that means correct or straight and dontics is the word that refers to teeth. It is a specialization in the field of dental medicine. Orthodontic treatment is concerned with the teeth' alignment and bite. The treatment aims to move teeth such that the bite is correct. Dental braces are the most widely recommended devices for this purpose. Dental professionals set a treatment plan to move the teeth by continuous application of pressure.

Orthodontic Treatment Process

Moving misaligned teeth requires a well-set treatment plan, a device that brings about the planned movement, and a device that keeps the teeth in their new positions. The first step is a thorough evaluation of the condition. Dentists recommend a treatment mode after the examination.

Dental Examination

During the initial dental visit, our dentist checks teeth and gums. X-rays and impressions may be taken during the process. The impressions help our dentist understand the positions of teeth and the movement required to improve the alignment. A treatment plan is set and explained to patients.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are devices that comprise brackets and wires. The wires run through the brackets and they are in tension mode. The device is designed to apply pressure over teeth and bring about the desired movement. Patients have to visit the dental office periodically to get the wires tightened after each phase of treatment.

Do Braces Hurt?

This is one of the common questions asked by patients. Though the patients do not feel pain when fixing the braces over teeth, some discomfort and pain can be experienced during the first few days. This is due to the pressure applied by the wires over teeth, in order to move them. Once the teeth start to move, the discomfort reduces. Slight discomfort can be experienced every time the wires are tightened by the dentist.

Braces for Children

Orthodontists generally recommend that a child visit a dental office to check the bite by the time he/she is 6-10 years of age. This is the age when the permanent teeth start to erupt. Any problems with alignment can be noted and treatment planning can begin at an early stage. There are a number of different types of dental braces available for treating orthodontic problems in children. Treating the orthodontic problem at an early stage can relieve children from the embarrassment of having an uninteresting smile as they grow up to become teens.

Braces for Adults

Dental braces can be recommended for straightening teeth in adults, depending on the status of oral health and jawbone. The braces move teeth gradually through an application of pressure. The supporting bone health may considerably influence the treatment and results. Dentists in Monrovia can perform a thorough oral check and, let patients know if braces can straighten their teeth.

Dental Retainer

A dental retainer is an appliance that is used to ensure that the teeth do not move from their positions. The appliance is recommended by dentists after orthodontic treatment. The retainers help in holding the teeth in their new positions after treatment with braces. Patients may have to wear retainers for a few months after the treatment.

Risks from mispositioned teeth

Improperly positioned teeth can cause a number of problems. Cross-bites, open bites, and crowding may create other problems which are more dangerous and require attention.

  • Problems in speech
  • Tooth wear
  • Pain in facial muscles
  • Pain in joints and headaches
  • Biting and chewing problems

If the malocclusion is not taken care of, the patient’s oral health can gradually deteriorate over a period of time. Visit our orthodontist in Monrovia, California today if you have problems with your bite.

Most Frequently Asked Questions On Orthodontist in Monrovia

When does my child require orthodontics treatment?

According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), you must take your child to an orthodontist by the age of seven. Kids orthodontist will examine if orthodontic treatments for your child can be offered. Our children's dentist 'Dr. Eddie So' recommends taking your kids to an orthodontics specialist once in every six months that will help your child's teeth keep safe and healthy.

What are the orthodontics treatment procedures involved in children?

At 'Arcadia Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics' the treatment procedure for kids starts with a dental examination followed by photographs, x-rays of teeth and mouth are taken. The dentist will diagnose the issue and explain rest of the dental treatment action to be taken. Dr. Eddie So, a pediatric dentist in Monrovia has explained a detailed orthodontics treatment procedure for children

What is the minimum age to start dental braces treatment in children?

Dr. Eddie So is a Specialized in Pediatric Dentistry and suggests wearing dental braces for children as soon as their permanent teeth appear. By the age of seven, the baby teeth or primary teeth of a child will disappear and permanent teeth start to come out gradually between the age of 8-14. Visit Monrovia Dental Care Practice & Orthodontics or talk with an orthodontist for the best course of action.

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