What are the orthodontics treatment procedures involved in children?

The orthodontics treatment involved in children is known as Interceptive Orthodontics. The main reason behind the early orthodontics treatment in children is that the jaw stem is in growth stage so that a dentist can easily diagnose the condition of the teeth such as crowding and treating it in the early stage is easier.

General Dental Procedure for Kids:

Usually, all the dental treatments start with general procedures such as clinical examination, x-ray, and photography of teeth and past dental medical history etc. Thereafter the dentist will put a number of treatment options for you along with cost, time duration, and available insurance plans etc.

Orthodontic Procedures for Kids:

Since each individual has a unique plan the dentist will fix the dental braces according to the oral care issues in children. Two types of dental braces are available in practice called orthodontics fixed appliances and removable appliances. Fixed orthodontics appliances are metal braces connected by band and archwires to hold the teeth and move in the required position. This procedure is taken place at our dental care office by an orthodontist specialist in Monrovia, CA. removable orthodontic appliances are 'Retainers' which can be removed easily as and when required. this procedure can be taken places at home by a patient as per dentistry suggestions.

To put the child's teeth in a better position the dentist sometime uses a palatal expander this will expand the child's upper jaw which gives space for teeth grow in. This method needs a placing of an appliance which contains two plastic pieces connected to each side of upper molar teeth and an expandable screw. When the expansion screw is rotated the device will move away and the gap is formed for the jaw thus will help in growing the teeth in better position gradually. The child may feel little discomforts at the beginning but gradually used to it.

Another technique used in orthodontic treatment for a child is Space Maintainers. This procedure is taken place when a child loses the premature teeth, the space maintainer will fill the gap of missing teeth to avoid the injury and decay. Space maintainers can be a temporary crown or band which are put in vacant place until the permanent tooth comes in.


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