Why Does Your Child Need to Visit the Dentist Before School?

4 Reasons Children Should Visit Pediatric Dentist | Monrovia

As the holidays approach, apart from the important sundries, here is one indispensable thing we need to keep a track of visiting a dentist near you. Wondering how is this even relevant?

Well, before heading back to school after holidays, kids need to have all their dental issues sorted out. Going to school with a clean and hygienic mouth is something every parent should take care of for their kids. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 reasons to ease your child's visit to the dentist near you in Monrovia. Read along to know the importance of visiting a dentist before your child starts going to a school.

4 Reasons Your Child Should Visit a Pediatric Dentist in Monrovia:

  1. Cavities Need to Be Kept at Bay:

    Skipping classes because of tooth pain is the last thing you want. With cavities, tooth sensitivity is highly likely. Cavities can cause pain and infection deterring your kid from paying attention to the classes. Untreated cavities can hinder your kid’s ability from making the most of the school hours.

  2. Difficulties in Speech Need to Be Sorted Out:

    With cavities, sensitivity and misaligned teeth, your kids might face trouble speaking fluently. Not only will it deter their smooth communication with the teachers, but also put them at a corner for not being able to mingle with other classmates. This tender age is very sensitive to ensure that your kids grow up with self-belief and confidence. But troubled speaking will put both these at stake. Hence, ensure to take your kid for dentistry in Monrovia to fix this using braces.

  3. Ensure Clean & Sparkling Teeth:

    Going to school with whitish tinge on teeth will not only embarrass you as a parent, but also lower self-esteem for your kid. A brownish or yellowish layer over teeth is indeed not a healthy way to start school. Your kids might be bullied by their friends owing to yellowish teeth as well. Hence take care to get their teeth cleaned over a dental visit before heading to school.

  4. Ensure a Healthy Dental Routine:

    Ensure that the teeth of your kid are all healthy to be able to indulge in snacking in school. There are a number of events happening in school and your kid might find it fun to have chocolates, cakes and more with classmates. For that, their teeth should be checked well by a dentist before they return to school.


Pre school season can be a rush if you do not book your appointment early. Visit our pediatric dentist in Monrovia Dr. Eddie So for a comprehensive dental check up for your kid before school and ensure that everything is set.

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